Best HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV(55A71F) REVIEW: Within the last year, we’ve noticed lots of brands input the TV area in India, particularly in the budget section.

50K has come to be the sweet spot for people who are searching for a 55-inch TV using some notable technician like service for HDR 10, Dolby Vision, smart UI along with a decent build.

We have seen the likes of Nokia, TCL, OnePlus and a lot more attempt to control this space.


With an increasing number of people spending time in the home in 2020 for apparent reasons, the’not so fool box’ has begun gaining more significance. Now we have with us now a TV out of Hisense.

This is actually the 55-inch A71F. The TV boasts of service for 4K resolution Together with HDR such as Dolby Vision and operates on the Android TV platform. Can it be a bang for the dollar? Let us find out.

Kicking things off with the screen, the Hisense 55A71F includes a VA panel that means that you may anticipate fantastic blacks with a few compromises into the viewing angles.

We don’t know the maximum relaxation of this panel. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

Additionally, it doesn’t seem to possess any dimming zones, but it will claim to possess software-based Ultra Dimming to aid with HDR articles and comparison, so it’s going to be interesting to see how that plays.

The TV has a whole lot of picture gifts like Dynamic, Standard, Movie etc. and if HDR content is acting, the film presets change. Let us take a peek at the picture performance of the TV in detail.

Netflix, Prime Video as well as Hotstar possess a decent catalog of Dolby Vision and HDR content.

Though the TV supports Dolby Atmos, the native Netflix program simply revealed 5.1 Coding because of its material and also we have the Dolby Atmos emblem when using a device such as the Xbox One X. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

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For articles we used our normal ton of Dolby Vision and HDR articles. A series like Our Planet full of lush and rich character appears fantastic and the God beams coming to the woods appear great.

The panel can become very bright particularly once you’ve got a bright sequence such as the critters running through the desert or the open skies on display. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

Modified Carbon Season 1 Episode 7’s warehouse battle arrangement looked great with sufficient detail from the dark sections along with decent contrast with the glowing light coming out of the glass roof of the warehouse.

In spite of all the HDR content onto a series like Jack Ryan on Prime Videos that’s notorious to be dimmer as it should on funding HDR TVs was really clear and fun.

The facts in the stripes were apparent and observable and some content that we found to be missing on the OnePlus U1 was apparent, visible and pleasurable with this Hisense TV. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

The arrangement to the end where people are sitting at a dimly lit cottage could be dark on a budget HDR TVs but has been quite readily viewable on the Hisense 55A71F. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

When swallowing articles from Dolby Vision, you’ve the preset of Dolby Vision Bight, Dolby Vision Black and Dolby Vision Custom.


Dolby Vision Bright functioned well for nearly all light situations and even when the sun goes down, I suggest seeing this TV at a room that has some mild and maintaining the atmosphere onto Dolby Vision Bright. It’s a fun experience. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

Even for HDR articles, the majority of the time shifting between HDR Dynamic and HDR Standard was sufficient for articles to appear right.

But 1 thing to notice is you can go in the image settings and personalize them. From the white tip into the gamma and the conventional slew of image settings are available at your disposal.

Overall contemplating the Purchase Price of this TV, the operation in HDR, Dolby Vision and SDR is brilliant.

Yet another thing to notice is the remote controller has a P. Mode and S. Mode button in the base and this is one of the easiest ways of altering the image and audio preset to your own liking.

You do not have to press on a menu button, enter settings, then image preferences. 1 button and the presets are in your disposal. Very convenient and also a characteristic I used a great deal.

We played with a Great Deal of FHD content in the TV such as Young Sheldon, Mission Impossible, Mad Max Fury Road, a Great Deal of movies of YouTube and more. Bright and vibrant is your very best method to describe that the SDR functioning of the TV.

I mainly favored the Dynamic or Standard preset for the majority of the articles.

Sometimes, that the Dynamic preset created skin tones in certain displays look somewhat off and shifted into Standard fixed that. For many others, particularly where you will need the colors to pop up, the Dynamic preset functions wonders.

Add to it that the ease of this P. Mode button on the remote controller, and changing settings is a cinch.

In the huge desert in Mad Max into the fast paced bicycle chase scene in Mission:

Impossible and the family-filled laughter in Young Sheldon, all of the content appears attractive and immersive and very bright. It is crazy how smart this weapon can get with a few SDR content.

We played with our Typical slew of games in the Xbox One X such as Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Forza Horizon and Gears 5. Before we get into the gaming functionality there’s 1 thing to notice.

When we joined the console, then the HDMI 2.0 attribute was off by default to the TV. Happily the setting is upfront once you press the menu button, adding to the ease of changing it on and off as possible.

Once switched on, the console has been known as an HDR-enabled apparatus and we played our matches in HDR. Regrettably, when playing matches in HDR, there’s no”sport” mode.

Game mode is present in the SDR film presets only. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

Thus, beating the lack of a”Game style” when playing matches in HDR, frankly, there wasn’t any difficulty I confronted enjoying rapid action games such as Gears 5 or even Assassins Creed.


The adventure was fun. Players appearing to fall into Warzone at Call of Duty might want to reevaluate their choices, but because of its single-player encounter, there’s absolutely not any situation.

Visually, the matches appear vibrant. Gears 5 includes some dingy dark corridors and the material has been clearly visible on display without loss of information. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

A match such as Assassin’s Creed that’s bright and vibrant with all the vibrant countryside of Greece seems wealthy.

Assassin’s Creed is 1 game where we’ve struck a hot color tone some budget HDR TVs but this was not true here that is also a fantastic thing.

Total, the gaming operation of the TV is very good even for games which present a dim atmosphere.

For a moment I was amazed just how loud the speakers of the TV got. For the space I put up the TV in, I did not need to boost the quantity over 20.

At roughly 17 or 18 I obtained room-filling sound along with the dialogue was apparent out of films. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

But I even enjoyed some activity blockbusters and naturally through certain action sequences I overlooked my soundbar however for the large part, if you’re seeking a TV with adequate speakers then this one won’t disappoint you. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

Out of a film like Togo on Disney+ Hotstar that has some unbelievable ice-breaking sound effects to Mission Impossible using its fast-paced activity accompanied by a history score as well as games such as Forza Horizon who have a search engine which controls attention, it had been nicely audible with this TV thinking about that these are TV speakers.


Even though the majority of the UI is going to be familiar to people who have utilized a Android TV, there are a number of subtle changes which are for the greater. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

As stated previously, it is possible to instantly bring up the image and presets using all the hotkeys on the remote controller and commanding HDMI 2.0 settings does not entail you digging through menus.

Total, Android about this TV runs like any rival TV and the small adjustments to the preferences menu are all welcome.

Now let us proceed to something I really don’t like about this TV – that the remote controller. Let us talk about the fantastic first. It’s committed hotkeys for the sound and picture presets that’s wonderful.

Over the mute button, it’s a button to place off the screen. Consequently, in case you’ve got your favorite music playlist running YouTube, you can switch off the screen and use speakers.

But, the navigational buttons are too near the menu, dwelling, back along with some other buttons.

As a result of this, rather than pressing’up’ I end up pressing the helper button. Rather than pressing , I ended up pressing the house button. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

This may sound like a little item but try pressing home quite a few times while attempting to bring the search bar to get a streaming support! It can become quite annoying. The caliber of a few of the buttons on the remote also felt somewhat cheap.

Coming into the construct of this Hisense 55A71F, the screen has practically no bezels providing you an immersive experience.

The TV includes two individual feet that hold it in position and though the standard of the feet does not feel as superior as those located on the OnePlus U, it will get the work done.

The TV includes a comparatively slender profile including all the vents at the back.

The only disadvantage is that the vents are not near both sides of the TV, instead closer to the centre which makes it rather inconvenient to reach whether the TV is wall mounted. You might want to perform your cable direction before mounting this TV on a wall.

So far as connectivity alternatives are involved, the TV has cans outside, 3 HDMI ports, two USB ports, ethernet, optical and also an AV port. Additionally, it has a fantastic old antenna jack.


  • Welcome tweaks into your image settings availability
  • Smooth and clean UI


  • The remote controller is not ergonomic.


It’s a sleek UI, is a feature rich TV and over all has good image performance for both swallowing material from OTT and enjoying matches. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)

If you’re interested in finding a 55-inch 4K HDR TV below Rs 40,000 then you need to definitely think about the Hisense 55A71F. (HISENSE 55 INCHES ULTRA HD 4K SMART LED TV)


  • Panel Size: 55-inch
  • Panel Type: VA LED
  • Panel Resolution: 3840 x 2160 – 4K
  • Panel Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • HDR 10 support: Yes
  • Dolby Vision Support: Yes
  • Weight (with stand): 12.6 kgs
  • HDMI Ports: 3
  • USB Ports: 2
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Ethernet: Yes
  • Speakers: 30W
  • Built-in storage: 16GB

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