Best 2021 Mercedes-AMG E63 S facelift Review.


Mercedes-AMG E63 S facelift: The AMG E63 S has been updated with new styling and tech, but it still retains its 612hp twin-turbo V8. We’ll tell you how it feels.

Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-AMG S63: What is it?

AMG’s vast portfolio includes the E63 S super-sedan, which is an updated version. This car can be traced back to the V8-powered W124 Hammer in the mid-80s. The updated version features a new nose, cabin changes, and a recalibrated suspension system.

The new AMG Panamericana grille reduces drag and wind noise. The new compact headlights help to change the appearance of the nose. At the rear, the car gets flatter tail-lights with a more efficient diffuser and flatter tail-lights. The package also includes new, aerodynamic alloy wheels. They have a wider edge at the rim to improve airflow.

The new E63 S features the MBUX infotainment systems, a touchpad on the center console in place of a rotary dial, and the AMG steering wheel, which has twin horizontal spokes. It also features haptic controls. Similar to the one found on the new S-Class.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S
Mercedes-AMG E63 S

The old sport-bucket seats were replaced with more comfortable, active dynamic support via inflatable cushions. Front seats are also ventilated and feature a massage function. AMG Dynamic driver aids are available on the new E63 S. These allow the driver to choose from a range of driver levels, starting at Basic and going up to Master.

Fun software is also included in the E63 S. You can time yourself on a circuit, and even run your own virtual drag race using Christmas tree lights that appear on the touchscreen.

The 612hp, twin-turbo, 4.0-litre, twin-turbo V8 produces 850Nm of torque. There are also four-wheel-drive systems that can send 100 percent of the torque to the rear wheels (4MATIC+). The updated car comes with Merc’s three-chamber air suspension and has the ‘Comfort” option. The rubber suspension bushes have been made more absorbent and the hydraulic dampers less reactive in certain modes.

Additionally, the dynamic engine mounts were returned. The car’s 9-speed automatic gearbox uses a wet-step-off clutch instead of a torque convertor. This is a significant change. This clutch is lighter and faster to respond to.

Mercedes-AMG Mercedes-AMG S63 S: What’s it like driving?

The car is more responsive over bumps than the previous model. The shocks from the road were transmitted by the older car, but this car is able to absorb most bumps of medium size. The suspension also works more quietly.

Although it still thuds over larger bumps, there are some road noises and movement on broken sections. Overall, the ride quality is much better. This makes the E63 S easier to use on a daily basis in our conditions.

There’s also the other side to the story, supercar matching performance. The updated E63 S instantly reminds me why it’s so beloved when I set it in Race mode with the whole high-speed bowl at NATRAX Indore to use. The twin-turbo V8’s responses are in no way ordinary.

You just need to put your foot down, and the twin-turbo V8 will launch you towards the horizon with the ‘G” forces pulling you back into your seat. Performance feels relentless as the V8 blasts through the powerband with the familiar AMG growl.

The E63 S also has a comfortable speed. The E63 S is fast. I barely noticed 200kph flying by on my first run around the banked oval of 11.3km. As the speedometer crosses 240, the E63 S feels solid on the banks. However, once I reach 270kph I feel buffeted.

After a few seconds things settle down, so I rev the engine hard. Everything feels twice as fast, and then we move smoothly off the 2km-long banking onto the straight at 290kph. My foot is down and I can see 311kph at the speedo, which is a speed equivalent to 300kph. I then hit a soft limiter. These cars are called super-sedans.

On the highway, it feels even faster. I only need to do short bursts with flat acceleration before the car reaches warp speed. Overtaking is easy and feels very safe. All I need to do to pass someone is to identify a gap, and then press the accelerator. . . I can’t believe how fast it goes.

The excellent grip and powerful brakes make it feel effortless to get back in the lane. The combination of muscular power and instant response is what keeps me smiling every time I see a gap.

The updated 9-speed gearbox is also very efficient and works in perfect sync with the engine. You can push through the gears quickly if you are in hurry and get quick downshifts when needed. Then, you can drive it in comfort and smooth. It shifts smoothly between gears and there is some hesitation at lower speeds.

The new E63 S isn’t as loud as its predecessor. You still get the bangs and pops, but you also have that AMG growl. It is still a little quieter than the older car. This is due to stricter European noise restrictions and more restrictive exhaust control devices.

Mercedes-AMG E63 S
Mercedes-AMG E63 S

AMG claims a time of 3.4sec to go from 0 to 100 km/h. Unfortunately, launch control was not activated on our car so we couldn’t test it. To make the E63 S work, it must be driven past 1,500km.

The updated E63 S was also put through its paces at Indore’s NATRAX track. The car is quite heavy at 2,010kg (kerb) and you can feel its big engine and four-wheel drive hardware. The E63 S is happy to attack corners, despite this. This is particularly true when you choose Sport+ or Race.

The air suspension tightens up and the 4MATIC+ system allows more slip at the rear. Steering weight and responses are sharpened. Although it isn’t as agile as the GT four door and it doesn’t feel quite as light on its feet it still has plenty of grip and stays composed, even when it’s thrown into tight corners or wicked switchbacks.

It is also extremely comfortable and locked in on faster corners. This is its true strength. If you’re looking to drift and slide, the S has a Drift Mode’ that allows it to be rear-wheel-drive, but the ESP is off. AMG Dynamics is a system that can help you access performance at various levels, such as Pro, Advanced, and Master.

It’s not about the performance, but it’s important to notice that this car does not have an ‘Eco’ option. Cylinder deactivation is what you get. This allows the engine to run on four cylinders only when there is no load. You can also set a “Gliding” function in the “Individual” settings to decouple the transmission while the car is moving forward. This reduces fuel consumption.

Mercedes-AMG Mercedes E63 S: What’s the inside like?

Mercedes’ first AMG, the AMG means that you will enjoy all the luxury trappings. The updated MBUX system, which includes connected tech and the “Hey Mercedes” voice prompt, is new to this car. You can sit comfortably in large seats with active padding, cooled seats, and even the massage function, when you feel like it.

The new AMG steering wheel is also a great addition to the car’s character. It features new rotary shortcut knobs as well as galvanised paddle shifters.

The E63 S is constructed on the E-Class regular-wheelbase E-Class. This allows for adequate legroom in the rear, but is clearly less than the long-wheelbase E-Class. The seat is also a little lower. Comfort levels are excellent once you’re seated at the back. The backrest is extremely supportive, the seat cushioning is excellent, and the large panoramic sunroof makes the rear feel very spacious. You can add AMG performance seats to your car, as well as a 3D Burmester sound system, ceramic brakes, and ceramic brakes that resist fade.

Mercedes-AMG S63 S: Should you buy one?

We were blown away when the AMG E63 S was launched by Merc in 2018. AMG has taken the E63 S to the next level, and made it more comfortable. The new facelift makes it more capable of handling bad roads and is more comfortable. It also has better specifications and higher-quality equipment, which means that performance has improved.

AMG’s Dynamic modes make it quicker to change gears, the AMG twin-turbo V8 is more powerful, and the 4MATIC+ system gives you even better control over on-limit handling. The new car is approximately Rs 20 lakh higher at Rs 1.70 Crore (ex-showroom).

While that’s a significant step, the E63 S offers a wider range of features, including more comfort and everyday use. This is exactly what Indian performance car buyers will love.

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