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Aston Martin DBX India: Ground clearance of 235mm and 550hp means power. The DBX is Aston Martin’s first SUV.

There’s an alternative way to spend Rs 4 Crore on your next car. The DBX is Aston Martin’s first SUV, and it’s ready to seduce you from all corners of the globe.

It promises a true-blue Aston, part thriller, part gentleman’s express. There are five seats and all the ground clearance that you need. India-friendly Bond car This could be it.

Appeal X

It is the size that makes you stand out. Although the DBX may not appear as compact in photos, it is a huge SUV in real life. The DBX measures at nearly 2m and 5m respectively.

Standard-fit 22-inch wheels fill in the large wheel arches and you can also opt for 23-inches with crazy complex designs. Road presence? There is a lot of it in the DBX.

The design is a classic Aston but beautifully reimagined to be an SUV shape. You’ll notice a connection between the GTs and sportscars with the long bonnet, tight-fitting roof, and the traditional DB grille.

Aston Martin DBX
Aston Martin DBX

The DBX’s ducktail boot lid spoiler, which is very Vantage-like, will ensure that you don’t mistake it for an Aston. My favorite? The rear LED strip running from shoulder to spoiler runs from shoulder.

Other details to be noted include flush-fitting door handles and frameless windows, metalwork around dual exhausts, and some aero bits.

DRLs at the front are ducts that channel air into the wheel arches. Large vents at the aft end of the arches provide an exit and create a drag-reducing air curtain. The back wing, which is high-mounted, isn’t just for show.

This directs airflow from the rear windscreen towards the spoiler, and this movement causes water to self-clear (Aston’s words – not ours), which is why there’s no rear washer. The DBX flat undertray is another important aero ingredient that’s hidden from view, but it’s still visible.

Dressed to Impress

‘Swan doors’, cleverly designed to open slightly higher to clear kerbs, are a hallmark of Aston and a feature that the DBX has.

The DBX is by its height the easiest Aston Martin Martin to enter (and exit) and the interior will make you feel like you’ve been transported into a leather boutique.

The large surfaces from the roof liner to the speaker covers are covered in high-grade hide. In first, the Alcantara roller blind for the panoramic roof is also finished in hiding.

Beautiful brogue pattern work is found on the seats and center console. It’s clear that this interior has been lovingly created. You can choose from the standard interior themes and colors, but Aston Martin is happy to help you with the Q Customisation program.

The DBX’s sculpted seat fits you perfectly, the driving position is perfect, and touchpoints such as the glass start-stop and large metal paddle shifters, and even the leather sun visors feel expensive.

It doesn’t have window buttons, but it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things. The dashboard has a pleasant appearance. Although it doesn’t have the multi-screen design that is so popular today, the dashboard’s capacitive switches for climate control do a better job than any dedicated screen.

The center screen, at 10.25 inches, is what makes it feel out of place. It is not a touchscreen, as you would expect. It’s controlled via a rotary controller located at the center console, based on Mercedes’ latest-generation infotainment system.

The system is easy to learn, but touch control will be lost when you use Apple CarPlay on the move. We do like the chunky buttons on this console that allows you to adjust the suspension height and mode selection.

The DBX comes standard with bi-LED headlamps and air suspension. A 10.25-inch screen has a 360-degree camera. There is also an 800W sound system, three zones of climate control, and powered front seats.

There are many options available to enhance the car, including front and rear seat ventilation. Other optional features include adaptive cruise control and lane-keep assist.

The DBX is also well-suited for rear seat occupants. The DBX is spacious and comfortable, unlike the Rapide, which was the last Aston built for the family.

The large 3,060mm wheelbase gives you plenty of legroom in the back and great headroom. The large windows and panoramic glass roofs add to the sense of space.

Although the seats are stylish and comfortable, the high tunnel in the center means that the middle passenger will need to compromise on their position.

The DBX’s power tailgate opens to a 632-liter storage area. It is well-shaped and practical and has a leather-lined parcel tray.

The optional Touring Pack, which includes a 4-piece luggage set and four-cabin saddlebags, can be combined with matching baggage.

The 40:20/40 split rear seats can fold flat to make more luggage space. There is also a spare space (located under the boot floor) that will save you space.

Fire and Fury

Mercedes-AMG owns a portion of Aston Martin. The German carmaker’s contribution is more than the infotainment system.

Aston Martin’s 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 petrol motor powers the SUV. The engine produces 550hp (700 Nm) in the DBX. The engine’s power is transmitted to all four wheels by Merc’s 9-speed torque-converter automated gearbox.

The electronically controlled active center transfer case regulates the torque between the axles and can send 100 percent power to the rear wheels if necessary.

The rear electronic limited-slip differential determines how to use that power. There’s also torque vectoring by brakes.

Although they’re impressive with 700Nm, 550hp, and 4.5sec to 100kph, the DBX isn’t the best-in-class super SUVs.

The DBX is an entertaining SUV that can be driven on the roads. The DBX isn’t as loud as other Astons.

It erupts as loud as it rumbles. Even at idle, there is depth to the engine sound and a gentle whine will keep you company during your daily commute.

You can go faster (you will be tempted to) and the exhaust note becomes more powerful and wholesome.

Sport mode increases the sound by opening the exhaust valves for full-on sounds, complete with crackles and pops. You can also choose a louder, sport exhaust option if you want everyone to know that you own a DBX.

It is also exceptional in terms of performance. The bi-turbo engine from AMG is a powerhouse, and it has been perfectly adapted to the DBX.

The engine has the power and responsiveness you would expect from a naturally aspirated unit, but it also has the punchy midrange.

The DBX has more character than the Urus, but it is stronger in its power build. Although the 9-speed gearbox performs well, it tends to pull at the paddle when driving hard.

Curve Your Enthusiasm

An SUV that is as fast as a sports car is not a rare find, but it is an SUV that is just as enjoyable as a sportscar. This elite group includes the DBX.

The electric steering is precise, weighty, and linear. The Aston has a strong connection to the front wheels.

Thanks to the rear axle bias of the all-wheel-drive system, the Aston turns with the fluidity that you wouldn’t expect from a 2.2-tonne SUV.

Brave drivers can also make use of the Sport+ mode, which dials up the suspension for maximum attack and lowers it by 50mm to let the tail out. You’ll find yourself in a corner with a lot of grips.

Aston Martin DBX
Aston Martin DBX

The standard-fit 48V active anti-roll bars will reduce floppy side-to-side weight transfer so efficiently that you’ll be convinced you could have gone even faster.

What’s the best part? It feels so natural. The DBX does not feel like an SUV fighting against the laws of physics as many of its competitors do. The DBX brakes are quick and Aston Martin claims that it will stop just as fast as the DBS Superleggera.

You can travel to your farmhouse or on great driving roads in comfort. The DBX can be set to ‘GT’ to change its drive mode to make it an easy-going machine for long distances.

The exhaust volume drops, the suspension softens, and the electric anti-roll bar adjusts for more giving. Although the suspension is able to absorb imperfections, there is some firmness due to the low-profile tires.

The Aston’s off-road modes, hill descent control, and 500mm water-wading capability were not tested. However, we did test the DBX’s wealthy owners.

Consumer information is more pertinent. Ground clearance is adequate in the suspension’s stock position. It’s also handy that you can raise the ride height by 45mm.

DBX Marks the Spot

Let’s start with the basics. The DBX will always look at the Lamborghini Urus, the current darling among India’s super-SUV-buying elite.

Although the Urus is more powerful and flamboyant than the DBX, it will cost you less in base spec. However, final prices will rise as you tick the options to upgrade the Lambo to the DBX’s spec.

The DBX is priced at Rs 3.8 million (ex-showroom). It may seem that you are going against the grain, but it is a charismatic SUV.

This subtler version of the super SUV draws you in with its elegant design and handcrafted cabin and then wins you over with an engaging driving experience. Aston Martin’s exclusivity is a great deal.

Although owners are unlikely to use their DBX daily, it’s a great feeling to know that there is an all-weather, all-purpose Aston Martin available for you to drive away in.

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