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Jaguar I Pace India: Jaguar’s luxury EV crossover can it be different from other models on the market?

I Pace: What’s it all about?

Although the Jaguar I-Pace was initially a battery electric vehicle (BEV) at the beginning, it has become the face of Jaguar’s new brand.

This is despite the ambitious goal to go completely electric by 2025. The I-Pace, built on a bespoke EV platform that makes the most of electric cars’ packaging freedoms, is a Jaguar unlike any other.

The Jaguar I-Pace produces 400hp and 696Nm and draws power from a 90kWh Li-ion battery pack.

It has a WLTP range that is 480km. The Jaguar I Pace starts at Rs 1.06 crore in the S variant, while the HSE version is priced at Rs 1.12 crore. (ex-showroom India).

Jaguar I Pace India
Jaguar I Pace India

The I-Pace’s pricing is comparable to its luxury electric SUV counterpart, the Mercedes-Benz EQC. The Audi e-Tron, which will be available soon, will also be available in the same price range.

Jaguar I Pace: What is it like from the outside?

It is, in a word: radical. Jaguar’s designers made the most of the design freedom an EV offers (there is no heavy engine or gearbox to deal with) and it shows in how the I-Pace looks.

The ‘raised eyebrows’ headlights, square grille, and square grille are all Jaguar features, but the tall bonnet, cab-forward design, and large passenger cell make this an SUV that is not as traditional. Even the rear windscreen’s rake is an exception to the usual.

It’s up to you to decide if the look suits your taste. However, the attention that the 4.6m-long I-Pace received over a day of driving was very interesting. The Jag is futuristic looking and stands out.

Aero-related details are also a part of the I-Pace. The handles of the doors are flush with the body, Range Rover Velar-like. They only open when the car is locked.

The grille also has vanes that are only opened when the battery requires additional cooling. The air flows through the bonnet scoop and over the windscreen to the roof when the vanes are closed.

The I-Pace does not have a rear windshield wiper. Jaguar’s designers claim that the I-Pace’s minimal windscreen turbulence helps keep dust and grime off the windows.

The arrangement works well in practice and it is possible to see through the rear windows even when it rains. However, you should select the ‘ClearSight” option that relays a feed from the roof-mounted camera to your rearview mirror for maximum visibility.

Jaguar I Pace: What is it like inside?

The I Pace interior is modern-age cool with its minimalist design and digital instruments. It’s also very airy.

You’ll love the large windows and the panoramic glass roof on India-spec cars that gives it a feeling of space. The roof is unsurprisingly covered with a blind.

Jaguar claims that the glass absorbs infrared radiation and keeps the cabin cool throughout the day. The I-Pace was not in any way damaged on a cloudy day that we drove it, but the real test would be on a sunny summer day.

Drivers will love the view from the front. However, it might take some time to see the car’s front ends.

The windscreen is quite large and can be difficult to read. You will feel at ease with the multi-way adjustable front seats and chunky steering.

The well-designed layered dashboard and floating arms at the lower part of the center console, which contains buttons for mode selector, suspension adjustment, gears, and model selection, are also very well executed.

What EV is complete without a complex and/or large touchscreen? Jaguar’s Touch Pro Duo system is featured in the Jaguar I-Pace. It features a 10-inch touchscreen on its dash, and a smaller 5.5-inch unit lowers down for climate control.

Jaguar doesn’t have to give up the physical knobs that control temperature and fan speed. Although the main touchscreen is intuitive and quick, it is not as intuitive as we would have liked.

The space is great for those seated in the back. Even though the rear windows are tiny, the legroom and headroom are sufficient for six-footers.

However, the huge glass roof adds an airy feeling to the cabin. Although the rear seatback is slightly higher than the front and the seating position is slightly lower than the ground, this is due to the battery pack under the floor.

However, the overall comfort level at the back is quite good. There is storage underneath the seats, and there are recesses for various knickknacks.

The back luggage space is estimated at 656 liters. The problem is that the space-saver tire sits on the boot floor, drastically reducing usable space. A 27-liter storage binnacle (aka the frunk) is included. You can also find the bonnet.

Jaguar I Pace: What features are included?

The I-Pace comes standard with 19-inch alloy wheels, LED Headlamps, Front and Rear Parking Sensors, 360-degree Camera, Connected Tech, a Panoramic Glass Roof, Two-Zone Climate Control, and a Powered Tailgate.

The HSE trim, which is fully loaded, is the best I-Pace, considering the relatively small price difference over the SE and S trims. The HSE includes Matrix LED headlamps and 16-way adjustable front seats with heating and cooling.

It also has adaptive cruise control, adaptive cruise control, heads-up display, Meridian 3D sound system, and a gesture-controlled tailgate.

The only downside is that the HSE does not include air suspension or four-zone climate control. This will increase the cost.

Jaguar I Pace: What is it like to drive one?

Anyone who thinks electric cars are nothing more than glorified appliances should drive an I-Pace. The real surprise is the way it handles. It is quiet and quick as you would expect.

You can turn it quickly (there is torque vectoring by brake), it feels agile, and the all-wheel-drive provides excellent grip.

The steering is also very well balanced and provides the right amount of weight for different speeds. It’s not surprising that a high-riding crossover of 2.2 tonnes would be so engaging.

It is the location of the battery pack underneath the floor that gives it its low center of gravity. The motor at each axle allows for a 50/50 weight distribution.

Another highlight of the I-Pace is its performance. The Jag was able to go from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.8 seconds. This is a 5-seater electric SUV that can perform like a sportscar.

Acceleration is quick at all speeds thanks to the 400hp engine and 696Nm of on-call power. It’s addictive because of its seamless power delivery and instant response.

You can also feel a sense of smugness knowing that you can easily overtake traffic with just a quick press of the accelerator pedal. Amazingly, even in Eco mode, there is no shortage of power.

The I-Pace is a quiet everyday car despite its performance and power. At city speeds, the drivetrain is almost silent, and there’s very little road noise to disturb the peace.

You can also hear synthesized engine sounds streaming from the speakers if you are missing your petrol- or diesel-engined car.

Jaguar I Pace India
Jaguar I Pace India

This V8-like sound is both cool and disorienting at the same time! Jaguar also has a selectable creep mode. You can also alter the regen brake force with the ‘High’ setting. This is similar to strong engine braking.

The I-Pace’s optional air suspension makes it a comfortable ride. The I-Pace handles potholes and big bumps admirably, with the large tires being able to absorb the impact.

You can raise the suspension up to 56mm to increase ground clearance. We were impressed at how easily the I-Pace managed to navigate a moderate off-road route.

Jaguar I Pace: What’s the range and charging?

The Jaguar I-Pace’s WLTP range is 480km. Although we have yet to test the Jag’s real-world range, a day of driving on the highway, in town, and on the highway, with a few acceleration tests, gave us an estimated range of 350-362km. This is as impressive as EVs get.

The I-Pace can charge at home using a 15amp socket. It can also be charged up to full in just 48 hours. A 7kW AC wall charger is included with the car.

Charging time for the I-Pace is reduced to 14 hours. A DC fast charger at 50kW reduces the charging time by reducing the charging time to just 1.5 hours.

Jaguar I Pace: Should You Buy One?

Without a thorough test of charging and range, it would be a mistake to give an I-Pace verdict. The Jag EV is a great choice.

The I-Pace has a unique look and feels great inside. It also offers all the peace and tranquility you would expect from an electric vehicle.

The I-Pace’s driving style is what makes it unique. You wouldn’t expect an electric vehicle to be as entertaining as it is.

This enjoyable-to-drive character could make it stand out in a field that is close on price and spec. We can only say that the I-Pace offers space, pace, and grace.

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