Best Mi Watch Active Review: More Features for Your Wrist


The Mi Watch Revolve active: Last year’s Mi Watch Revolve was launched with a round AMOLED screen and good battery life.

However, it has limited smartwatch functionality. The Mi Watch Revolve Active is now available from Xiaomi. It sounds more like the fitness-focused sibling to the original Mi Watch Revolve.

Mi Watch Active
Mi Watch Active

The new Mi Watch Revolve Active supports Alexa voice assistant and SpO2 tracking.

It is priced at the same level as the Mi Watch Revolve, even though the price of the older model was recently reduced. Is the Mi Watch Revolve Active the best value on the market? To find out, I tested this smartwatch.

Mi Watch Revolve Price in India

The Mi Watch Revolve active is priced at Rs. It retails for Rs. 9,999. However, I have seen it sell for Rs. 8,999 was the average price during our review period.

The Mi Watch Revolve Active is available in three colors from Xiaomi: Beige Blue and Black.

Mi Watch Revolve Active design

The Mi Watch Active Revolve Active’s circular dial makes it look more traditional from afar. The frame houses a 1.39 inch AMOLED display with 2.5D curved glass.

Only one size is available for the Mi Watch Revolve Active-Active. If you have small hands it may look too big.

The display is slimmed all around and has Home and Sport written on the bezel near the buttons on the right. When pressed, they provide good clicky feedback. The left side is completely unoccupied.

Xiaomi claims that the Mi Watch Revolve Active’s frame is made from fiber-reinforced, polyamide.

This makes it appear a little plasticky. The watch body is lightweight at only 35g. The Mi Watch Revolve Active comes with 22mm straps. These can be easily replaced without the need for special tools.

The material of the strap is soft and has a texture. The standard pin buckle secures it to your wrist.

Xiaomi claims it will offer more options for straps, giving you the ability to personalize the look of your watch. The textured strap initially felt a bit uncomfortable, but it became more comfortable with time.

The watch was comfortable to wear and I didn’t feel any irritation. All sensors for SpO2 and heart rate are located under the Mi Watch Revolve Active.

The watch’s 420mAh battery can be charged via pin connectors. The microphones for Alexa are located at 12 o’clock and can only be seen when the strap is removed.

The Mi Watch Active is waterproof up to 5ATM. You can even take it swimming and track your progress if you want. Magnets ensure that the charger holds the Mi Watch Revolve Active securely while charging. The charger comes with a full-size USB cable on the other end.

Mi Watch Revolve Active Software

To use the Mi Watch Revolve Active, you must pair it with a smartphone during setup.

The watch can be paired with either an Android smartphone via the Xiaomi Wear app or an iOS device through the Xiaomi Wear Lite App.

These apps are also available for the Redmi Watch (Review), and the Mi Watch Revolve. Pairing is easy and straightforward. The apps can also display all health data from the watch in one place.

After pairing, you can enable notifications and set up Alexa via the app for your smartphone.

The app allows you to change the settings of your Mi Watch Revolve Active, such as watch faces, and which apps will notify you.

Although there are over 100 watch faces online, the watch can only store five. These faces can’t be customized, except for the ones that allow you to set a photo as a watch face. The app allows you to reorder widgets and workouts.

Xiaomi allows you to take full advantage of the AMOLED display by offering an Always-On mode. Because of the potential impact on battery life, this mode is not enabled by default.

The raise-to-wake function is disabled when the Always-on Display feature is active. This means that you will need to press a button in order to wake the watch.

This can be frustrating. You can choose from several different faces for your always-on display.

The Mi Watch Revolve Active runs an OS custom to it and you can access different widgets by simply swiping from the watch face. The top button to the right opens the app drawer UI.

This gives you more features like the alarms, timer, compass, barometer, and Alexa. To access Alexa directly, you can long-press the button.

The Mi Watch Active Revolve Active does not appear to have Alexa, so its capabilities are limited. This voice assistant can be spoken to and will respond in text form.

Alexa will answer any questions you may have about the weather. It can also answer other questions. The watch could also show me the status of Amazon orders.

If you have your IoT devices set up with Alexa, you should be able also to control them. Alexa didn’t allow me to play music on my phone, nor could it send a message.

The watch was very responsive and I found it easy to navigate around. Swiping on the watch face allowed me to quickly check my heartbeat and SpO2 levels.

The bottom button labeled Sport can be pressed long enough to get straight to the workouts you can track with the Mi Watch Active.

Mi Watch Revolve Active performance, battery life

The Mi Watch Revolve Active has more features than the previous Xiaomi watch. SpO2 tracking is an excellent feature that you can use during difficult times.

The SpO2 tracking of the Mi Watch Revolve Active was tested by me. I compared it with a fingertip pulse-oximeter to verify that the results were accurate.

The heart rate measurements at rest were also more accurate than those shown by the Apple Watch SE (Review), which I was using at that time.

The Mi Watch Revolve Active was very comfortable while you sleep. It also tracked your sleep accurately.

I was able to see the stages of my sleep through the Mi Wear App. To track my steps, I manually counted 1,000 steps as I walked.

Mi Watch Active
Mi Watch Active

The Mi Watch Revolve Active displayed 1,005 steps. This is a small deviation and should be sufficient for anyone looking to get a general overview of their activity levels.

The Mi Watch Active can be used to track many different workouts. The Mi Watch Revolve Active continuously displays your heart rate and calories burnt while you work out.

It was a little inaccurate to track heart rate while active. One time, my Apple Watch reported 131bpm when the Mi Watch Active was reporting 84bpm.

This was not correct. This information is not accurate and I would not recommend that you rely on it while exercising.

The Mi Watch Active can track the wearer’s stress and energy levels. Energy levels rose after a good night’s sleep and fell on days that I didn’t get enough sleep.

The watch will give you a number as well as a rating, such as High, Moderate, or Mild.

The Mi Watch Active showed me that I experienced moderate levels of stress on weekdays and that I was in the mild/relaxed zone during weekends. You can also use the guided breathing widget on the watch to lower stress levels.

The Mi Watch Active vibrates on your wrist to notify you about incoming notifications. These notifications can only be seen and you cannot respond to them.

You can also see all incoming calls on your watch with the caller’s name, but you cannot choose to reject or silence the call.

I used the Mi Watch Active for less than two weeks with a full charge. I used the Mi Watch Revolve Active to track my workouts, enable sleep tracking and occasionally take SpO2 measurements.

The always-on display was also turned on for a few days, which caused the battery to drain slightly faster.

I did my workouts indoors without the need for GPS to latch on. Outdoor activities might result in lower battery life. The watch took approximately two hours to fully charge.


Mi Watch Revolve Active-Active is designed for people who are constantly on the go. SpO2 tracking is an excellent feature for these occasions.

This watch is priced at Rs. This watch is priced at Rs. 9,999 and is considered more expensive than the Mi Watch Revolve, which currently sells for Rs. 7,999 Although the new watch is good at basic tracking, it was less reliable for heart rate monitoring while exercising.

The Mi Watch Revolve Active does have Alexa integration, but it is very limited in unctionality. The market isn’t full of options at this price, but there are some alternatives.

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