Best Nokia Power Earbuds Light True Wireless Earphones Review – Inexpensive with Good Battery Life


Nokia Power Earbuds Light True Wireless Earphones : Are these the best wireless earphones under Rs. 4,001

HMD Global’s Nokia smartphones are a hit in India. The company also expanded its product line to include audio products. The Nokia audio range is useful and well-equipped, even though it’s not as well-known as products from Redmi and Realme.

Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is one of the latest launches by the company. This affordable pair of wireless earphones comes in at Rs. The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is a great deal at a reasonable price.

Nokia Power Earbuds Light True Wireless Earphones
Nokia Power Earbuds Light True Wireless Earphones

Although the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite might look basic and boring at first, they are waterproof IPX7 and have a long battery life. Are these the best true wireless earphones under Rs. Is it worth Rs. 4,000 This review will help you find out.

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite can be controlled by touch using the touch controls. Nokia Power Earbuds Light is a true wireless headset with more advanced features, but it sticks to the basics for Rs. 3,499.

The earpieces are a stalk-less design and therefore a bit larger at their top than the OnePlus Buds Z, our current top choice in true wireless budget segment.

Although the earphones fit perfectly in the ear, the three included pairs of eartips are too small and don’t provide as tight a seal than the JVC HA-10T and OnePlus Buds Z.

Although I found the headphones to be comfortable, the earpieces were a little thicker than other earphones to compensate for the loss of noise isolation. This made the headphones feel a bit too tight at times.

Although not very stylish or attractive, the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite are functional and well-designed. The earpieces have large Nokia logos and indicator lights that shine through transparent sections. There are also microphones at each end.

Touch controls are available. The entire surface of each unit (the area around the Nokia logos and the Nokia logos on it) is a sensitive area for tapping. One tap on each side plays music, answers calls or pauses it.

A double tap on either the left or the right lowers or raises the volume, while a triple tap on either the left or the right skips to the next or previous track. It is easy to use and learn, but I find it especially useful to have volume controls built into the headset.

My review unit’s charging case was matte black. It was a nice complement to the glossy black earpieces. On the front, you will find a Nokia logo and on the back, a USB Type C cable to charge.

The lid has four indicators lights that indicate the battery level. These lights illuminate when the earpieces have been placed in the case. The lid closes in the same way as the lid.

The Nokia Power Earbuds Light use Bluetooth 5 for connectivity. They support only the SBC Bluetooth codec, but the dearth of support for AAC is disappointing. The 6mm dynamic drivers power the earpieces.

The headset is also IPX7-rated for water resistance. This is one of its most impressive features. They can withstand significant water exposure, including being submerged for a short period of time. This makes them suitable for outdoor use and working out.

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite’s battery life is good for a headset at this price. They can run for approximately 4 hours on a single charging cycle, and the case provides nearly six additional charges. The total listening time was around 28 hours, which isn’t something you would find on true wireless headsets under Rs. 5,000

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite provide a clean, pleasant sound.

Budget true wireless is a tricky segment. Either the sound quality is excellent for the price or it’s the opposite. The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite are a good choice, as they have a clean and balanced sound that can be used across all genres.

The earphones sound great even when using the basic SBC Bluetooth codec. This shows that drivers and tuning are crucial to the quality of the sound.

The best way to make a pair or budget headphones or earphones succeed is to not take any risks. This is exactly what the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite does. The sonic signature of the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is similar to other models in the price range.

It sits somewhere between the bass-friendly OnePlus Buds Z sound and the more neutral, detailed JVC HA-10T sound. Nokia earphones strike the perfect balance between these signatures. They offer a decent amount of drive and attack without sacrificing too much detail and mid-range.

Nokia Power Earbuds Light True Wireless Earphones
Nokia Power Earbuds Light True Wireless Earphones

The live performance of Strandbar by Todd Terje was a great listen. The percussion felt tight and dominated the track’s feel. The highs were sharp and clear, but the mid-range detail was able to shine through.

This track had a lot to offer. The earphones captured the crowd cheering and clapping for the live performance, as well as the details of the sound. Although the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite’s sound quality was not as rich or detailed as Lypertek Levi, it still manages to justify the price.

Listening to Jaago by Lifafa as my favorite test track confirms that, despite being a little more in the middle and providing a lot of detail, the pair of earphones does concentrate on the lows and has the best bass I have heard from any wireless earphones under Rs. 4,999 Suryakant Sawhney’s vocals were clear in the first half, but the bass kicks off in the second.

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite sounded great across all genres. They were consistent, fun, and affordable. The only thing that is missing from the sound is the almost indefinable edge.

These are the small moments when you hear something different or new. This is what I prefer to hear with premium options. This Nokia headset offers everything you would expect from an earphone priced below Rs. 4,999

The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite was also used for occasional calls. It worked well, with clear sound and a decent microphone performance in quiet environments. The earphones maintained a steady connection even at distances up to 10 feet from their paired smartphone, ensuring good connectivity indoors.


High-quality sound quality and features are important when shopping for headphones. But, if you want to find affordable, good quality options, it is important to get the basics right every time. The Nokia Power Earbuds Lite is a simple, reliable pair of wireless earphones. It works well and you have very few reasons to complain.

The OnePlus Buds Z may be a better option, with a wider feature set. However, the Nokia Power Earbuds Lite has a more precise sound and is a bit less expensive. This is one of the most affordable pairs of earphones that you can purchase for less than Rs.

It costs approximately Rs. 4,000. You can also spend as much as Rs. You have many options, including the Oppo Enco W51 or Lypertek Levi, if you can spend at least Rs. 5,000

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