BEST REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV(RMV2001) REVIEW: It is always exciting when new technologies is unveiled from the TV area.

I remember the amazement I felt when I saw an OLED TV for the very first time. I felt exactly the exact same way once I watched the very first Plasma TV back in the afternoon.

When I watched a flagship TV screen Horizon Zero Dawn at HDR for the very first time, I was dismissed. Thus, you can imagine my excitement when Realme stated that they were introducing a brand new backlighting technology to light up the screen.


To put it differently, instead of having blue or white backlighting, the backlighting includes each of the 3 main colors used to display all of the colors on the screen – red, blue and green. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

Traditionally, a white light, or in the instance of QLED TVs, a blue light strikes a coating which then exhibits the crucial colours on display.

How can this brand new backlighting technology has an effect on the content we have?

Can we anticipate more TV manufacturers to change to this kind of backlighting? Keep reading and discover out.

Kicking things off with the screen, the Realme SLED TV includes a VA panel, which means that you may expect fantastic blacks with a few compromises into the viewing angles.

It’s a 4K panel together with support for HDR 10 however, it sadly doesn’t support Dolby Vision, something we’ve observed on offer on more economical TVs. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

The TV has a peak brightness of approximately 300 nits and we’ve seen TVs such as the Thomson OATH bring with it 500 nits of brightness to get much superior HDR functionality. The TV doesn’t have any dimming zones .

It includes the normal picture presets such as Standard, Vivid, Movie, game and much more. Let us take a peek at the picture performance of the TV in detail.

The operation is really where things become interesting. However, before we delve into the operation, be aware that the 55-inch SLED TV has the exact same issue we discovered on the 43-inch Realme TV and that’s that you can’t command the image presets when utilizing the native programs around the TV.

Thus, although you are able to get Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+ Hotstar and much more from the comfort of the TV itself, you can’t alter the image preset and that’s a large defect.

When viewing HDR content such as Our PlanetEarth, which reveals a few huge deserts and creatures traversing it, the screen appeared slightly burnt. The material appeared overexposed. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

Alter the sequence at which Our Planet indicates a starry skies, and we’ve got a lush star-filled night. Shifting over to the Fire TV Stick 4K, we shifted the image from Standard to Movie, along with the overexposed sequence appeared a whole lot better.

Action-packed articles in shadowy strings such as Star Trek Discovery where we’ve got plenty of shots in deep space and Modified Carbon Season 1 Episode 7’s warehouse arrangement that has a healthy mixture of bright and dark strings as well as the experience was rather fun in the TVs native programs. (BEST REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV(RMV2001) REVIEW)

Yet more, switching into the Fire TV Stick, we have a slightly better experience once we changed the image presets.


Although one can appreciate HDR articles on the TV, Realme needs to permit the capability for an individual to control image presets and other configurations in the native programs.

Even cheaper TVs such as the Hisense 55A71F (review) provide those skills and provide Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos service also.

The exact overexposed encounter we found in HDR may also be observed in SDR. In Mission: (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

Impossible Rogue Nation, where we’ve got Tom Cruise riding a large on the street, the skies and sun in the background occasionally appeared overexposed. (BEST REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV(RMV2001) REVIEW)

Changing to the Film preset when swallowing content in the Fire TV rod actually helped with this. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

In the same way, a series like Young Sheldon, that has bright vibrant colors, appeared slightly off by the built-in program’s functionality until we joined an external apparatus and altered the TVs picture configurations.

It was just when we joined with an external apparatus and altered the preferences of the TV we can exploit the capacity of this Relame SLED TV.

In general, an individual can become fairly good image functionality from the TV but when using an external apparatus, just because it permits you to command the image preferences.

Astonishingly, the gaming operation of the TV was not influenced from the overexposure problem we saw consuming content. Gears 5 has been one match that stood out and seemed quite good.

From the opening action of this match you need to traverse through a few really dark surroundings and while on a TV-like that the OnePlus U1 , these dark environments were rather tough to navigate because of the way reflective the weapon was, on the Realme SLED TV it had been a comfortable experience. (BEST REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV(RMV2001) REVIEW)


In Assassins Creed, that has fairly great HDR functionality to get a match in brightly lit areas, we didn’t experience the overexposure problem.

From switching between day and night to observe that the time-lapse from the skies to infiltrating a foundation in the daytime and nighttime at the match, the TVs operation was a pleasant surprise.

Much like the races at Forza. Safe to say if all you may perform on this TV is play games with a console, you ought to have a fun experience.

The noise from the TV is clear and loud. There’s a chain in Togo on Disney+ Hotstar in which you’ve got a sledge being pulled by dogs running within a frozen lake. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

The crackling of the ice is among those strings which prove how well music can increase the pressure in a film. While we did miss the thickness of bass once the ice crackles, the remaining portion of the encounter was rather good. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

At about 50% quantity the TV can become quite loud and didn’t eliminate clarity. In spite of mixed or conversation strings, the TV held my focus.

The reduced rumbles are there however in precisely the exact same level what you would expect from a TV.

Vocals are apparent, therefore watching soap operas or perhaps dialogue-heavy films and documentaries must be OK without investing in an soundbar. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

Stock Android TV is the title of the sport here and that is exactly what you get. Besides a couple of hiccups here and there, I confronted no problem with this UI, be it to browse streaming solutions, shifting between HDMI sources or perhaps alter the preferences.

Aside from the above-mentioned issue of not having the ability to control the image presets when employing the built-in providers, the UI runs easily.

Realme has gone using an”in case it ai not broke, do not fix it” policy with the remote controller. It is the exact same one we saw about the 43-inch TV and one which I actually liked.

It’s a teardrop design – exceptionally thin up-top and receiving slightly thick in the base in which you have the battery casing. This layout provides the distant a fantastic grip. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

Adding into the grip is your matte finish that provides you the impression that the remote will not slip out of your hands if you hold it gently. It’s a streamlined in-hand texture and is a ton better compared to Fire TV Stick remote controller, for instance.

The switches are just laid out using the electricity and mute up shirt followed with the directional controls. It’s committed hotkeys such as Netflix, YouTube and Prime Video, which can be fine.

The OTT hotkeys, Google Assistant button and volume controls may be accessible with a consumer’s thumb, adding into the ergonomics of their remote controller. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

Starting off with all the construct of this TV, it’s quite well constructed. The bezels on either side of this TV are incredibly thin with the base bezel being slightly thick.

Additionally, it houses the realme emblem that’s surprisingly not as notable as we have seen on other manufacturers. It’s quite a delicate existence. The TV is not the slimmest out there but it is not very thick .

The toes of those TV are powerful and will hold it nicely set up when retained on a tabletop. That’s if you’re able to locate a tabletop wide enough. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

I have had the 65-inch TCL C715 and also the Sony X9000H 65-inch put on the TV cupboard I have in your home and the 55-inch Realme SLED TV refused to match on it.

The toes churns out too much on both sides. Unlike a few TVs that provide you two places to correct the toes or allow you to invert their positioning so they don’t simply pop out, the Realme TV includes one positioning for those feet.


This can become ergonomically quite bothersome.
Another bothersome truth about the layout is that the positioning of the vents. While we’ve got two USB interfaces, antenna and also a mini AV On the other side, the 3.5millimeter jack, LAN port, three HDMI ports are at the rear, facing down. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

This implies that if you set the TV onto a tabletop or wall-mount itcan become quite tough to achieve the HDMI interfaces. Even if they had been confronting back, back, it might have been easier.

Thus, while the construct of this TV is excellent for the price, its own layout and ergonomics aren’t.

Taking into consideration the 43K cost of the TV, it is somewhat hard to advocate, particularly once you think about the choices available.

We’ve got the 55-inch Nokia TV using JBL speakers accessible at 42K, we’ve got the Hisense 55A71F accessible at roughly 38K and a lot more choices to take into account. Obviously, the 35k into 45K cost bracket is stuffed with offerings from many of brands gunning to your attention.

Exactly what the Realme TV has going for it is a great build and fairly good performance if you do have the choice to control the image preferences.

However, the unergonomic design and also the absence of image controls when consuming articles in the built-in programs is a significant con.

And of course that some content may seem overexposed on the panel in the native programs. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

If Realme can repair the UI problems in the forthcoming weeks, then yes, then an individual can think about this TV. Until then, you’re better off considering the choices.


The Realme 55-inch SLED 4K TV brings with it great panel functionality, however you can just command the image presets via an external source such as a Fire TV rod or a gaming console.

When swallowing content in the native streaming programs, some articles may look overexposed. It’s a well-built TV however, the big feet create the TV too broad for a few tabletop setups and also the positioning of the HDMI ports is quite inconvenient. (REALME SMART SLED 55-INCH 4K TV)

The 1 place in which the TV performs well is with gambling. Additionally, it has good sound output and a sleek UI.


  • Good image performance when swallowing content from an outside source


  • Unergonomic layout for HDMI port positioning
  • Cannot control image presets when swallowing content in the native programs
  • Some articles may seem overexposed

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