Best Redmi Watch Review: There’s a Chink In The Armour


Redmi Watch Review: There’s a Chink In The Armour, Step tracking is very accurate with the Redmi Watch.

Chances are, you have already looked at Xiaomi products if you are looking for a fitness watch. The company has been able to build and sustain its position in fitness wearables through the Mi Band series.

Redmi Watch
Redmi Watch

Xiaomi recently introduced the Redmi watch, which caters for those who want a watch-like design and an in-built GPS to track their fitness. The Redmi Watch is priced at Rs. The Redmi Watch is priced at Rs. 3,999. But does it provide the best value? To find out, I tested the Redmi Watch.

Redmi Watch Price in India.

Redmi Watches are available in one size and cost Rs. India: 3,999 The Redmi Watch is available in three colours from Xiaomi: Ivory, Blue and Black. There are four options for straps: Black, Blue, Ivory and Olive. For this review, I was able to use an all-black Redmi Watch.

Redmi Watch Display

The Mi Watch Revolve Active’s most striking feature is its AMOLED touchscreen. It measures 1.39 inches (454 x 444, resolution) and has large bezels. This is especially noticeable if you choose a bright-colored face.

The display is bright and vivid, despite the lack of bezels. The viewing angles are excellent and I was able to keep track of my outdoor cycling stats while I was pedaling down the streets.

The watch also has an ambient light sensor, which adjusts the brightness level to suit the lighting conditions.

You can also choose to have the Always-on display on your watch, but I don’t think it is a good choice if you need to use the battery for other activities.

Swiping left and right from the main screen gives you access to your heart rate, weather, fitness activities as well as music, weather, SpO2 monitor, stress, sleep tracking, and more.

Swipe up to check notifications, while a swipe down allows you to set alarm, torch and raise-to-awake, Display on, DND mode and settings.

The Mi Wear app allows you to customize app notifications. You can choose from four different watch faces when you open the Mi Watch box.

Redmi Watch Apps

The Mi Watch Revolve Active, as I said earlier, offers many fitness-tracking options. Although core sports modes are useful, there were too many options that felt redundant. Although the GPS built-in is not expensive, it can be used to track outdoor activities.

The new Mi Watch’s highlight is the SpO2 sensor. It measures your blood oxygen saturation and does the job, but Xiaomi says it should not be used for medical purposes.

The best feature on the Mi Watch is sleep tracking. It provides detailed information about light, deep, and REM sleeping patterns. You can also add sedentary reminders and music control to your Mi Watch.

This is great for when you don’t want to reach for your large phone to adjust the soundtracks or set timers during your workout intervals. Although the interface is easy to use, it can take some time to master the bright icons.

The watch doesn’t have third-party support. And the worst thing is that you can’t export data from the Mi Wear app.

The Mi Wear app is very simple and straightforward. The main page displays the most recent data on heart rate, stress, energy, and workouts.

You can choose to sort the items according to your preferences. The workout option is located at the bottom of your screen. This tile allows you to track outdoor activities. You will find the Profile on the last page.

Here you can change your watch face, set up notifications and adjust incoming calls.The watch provides a summary of your workouts and recent readings, but the app gives you a detailed analysis of each activity.

The app also provides information about stress, energy level, and sleep score. The app is easy to use and doesn’t require any technical knowledge to decode the code..

There were some issues I had with the watch. For instance, it took more than a second for the raise-to-wake feature to show stats and sometimes it was hard to track the distance while riding.

You can’t access any other features while you are working out. The only options it offers is to continue the workout or stop the activity altogether.

The distances were a little off when I compared Strava stats to the metrics on my watch. The watch does not have notifications support. You can only read texts when they buzz.

To reply to people, you will need to get your phone out. The other issue I had with Amazon Alexa support was that even though I reset the watch three times, I couldn’t access it because the Alexa app didn’t register my password.

However, I could log into my Amazon account from another device.

Redmi Watch Design

Although the Xiaomi Redmi Watch’s dial is square, it doesn’t stand out as much as other wearables in this price range. The Redmi Watch is made of a matte plastic and has a curved design at the corners. Its sides are flat.

The right side has only one button, while the left side is completely blank. The LCD display on the Redmi Watch measures 1.4 inches with 2.5D glass at its top.

Redmi Watch can withstand up to 5 ATM pressure, so it is safe to wear while swimming. The straps are limited by Xiaomi’s proprietary connectors. It is easy to remove the strap. All you have to do is press the release button located on your watch body. It is easy to put the straps back on. You will hear a click when the strap has been firmly secured.

The straps have been pre-curved by Xiaomi, making it easy to wear the watch. Redmi Watch comes with a standard pin buckle. It never came off during our review. The heart rate sensor and charging pins are located on the underside the Redmi Watch.

The wearable doesn’t support SpO2 tracking. This feature might have made it more attractive in light of the current pandemic. The charging cradle comes with a full-sized USB connector at the other end. Redmi Watch comes with a 230mAh battery that is claimed to last for about 10 days. The Redmi Watch weighs only 35g.

Redmi Watch software

The Redmi Watch can be used with either an Android or iOS phone. To manage the device, you will need the Xiaomi Wear Lite or Xiaomi Wear Lite apps. It is easy to pair and maintains stable connectivity as long as your phone is within range.

You will need to create a Mi account in order to use the app. It is also compatible with many other Xiaomi wearables, such as the Mi Watch Revolve Active (Review), and the recently launched Mi Watch Revolve Active.

It is simple to use and allows you to customize some settings on your Redmi Watch. You can also change the watchface and choose which apps will send you notifications.

Redmi Watch can store up to five watchfaces. You can also change the existing one by long-pressing the current one. You will need to download the Xiaomi Wear app to get new watches on the Redmi Watch.

There are so many options that you could use one watch every day, and not have to repeat it for several months. These watchfaces are not customizable.

Redmi Watch has a custom OS that tracks heart rate, sleep, and workouts. The watch also features a barometer and a compass. It also includes an in-built GPS that allows you to track your outdoor workouts without using a smartphone.

The Redmi Watch’s UI is simple to use. To see notifications, swipe down from the top and swipe up to open quick toggles.

Swiping from left to right will bring up different screens that contain weather information, sleep duration, heart beat, calories burned, as well as music player controls. The button at the side will take you to a list listing all functions of the Redmi Watch.

Redmi Watch Battery life & Performance

The Redmi Watch was very comfortable for me, and I used it for 2 weeks. The Redmi Watch is only 35g in weight, so you won’t even notice it. Its small size and low weight make it easy to wear to bed.

The display quality is average. I also found the auto brightness a little too harsh. The Redmi Watch’s raise-to-wake gesture is very effective. It also switches off quickly to save battery life.

I set the watch to notify me of incoming WhatsApp notifications. I was able to read the notifications on the watch, but I couldn’t respond to them. Redmi Watch will notify you when there are incoming calls and the caller’s name.

The watch cannot be used to make calls, but it can notify you if they are coming.The accuracy of heart rate tracking was good and there was no significant deviation from readings I received with my Apple Watch SE.

To save power, the default interval for heart beat tracking is 30 minutes. You might change this to 5 minutes for more useful statistics. The Redmi Watch’s sleep tracking was very accurate. It also provided me with a breakdown of how my sleep quality was in the app.

The Redmi Watch does not have SpO2 tracking, which could have been a selling point for many.

Redmi Watch
Redmi Watch

The Redmi Watch’s step tracking was very accurate. I manually counted 1,000 steps and the watch displayed 1,002, which is quite acceptable for a device this expensive.

Although the Redmi Watch can track 11 workouts, including Cricket, I was unable to test its fitness tracking capabilities indoors. It only displayed my heart rate and calories burned in this mode.

The heart rate readings during exercise were inconsistent for me. The accuracy of GPS tracking on my watch was not tested by me.

The battery life was good considering the small size and 230mAh battery. Xiaomi claims that it can last up to 10 days. However, I only got 7 days with sleep tracking, exercise on alternate days, and WhatsApp notifications enabled.

The battery life may be shorter if you use more apps notifications or exercise more often. It takes approximately two hours for the Redmi Watch to fully charge with the supplied charger. A faster charging solution would be appreciated.

Redmi Watch Smart features and fitness

The Mi Watch Active Revolve Active supports 117 sports modes and has a variety of sports tracking-features.

This is more than what you get from top brands wearable OS. For better mapping coverage, the watch supports Galileo and GLONASS.

The watch has 17 core modes, which provide metrics for popular activities like running, cycling, and swimming. You have the option to start your exercise either manually or by using the automatic recognition feature.

The Indian version of the Mi Watch Active (Indian) uses LifeQ to provide post-workout analysis. It is not compatible with Garmin’s Firstbeat global variant.

This shows calories burned, calories, heart rate zones, training effect, recovery times, average cadence and cadence graphs as well as energy consumption.

After you’ve completed an exercise, you can open the Mi Wear app to see a complete analysis. It’s a great way to stay motivated with the segregated analysis.

The Energy feature of Xiaomi now allows you to decide whether to exercise or just relax for the day. The Mi Watch Revolve Active, just like Huawei uses heart rate variability measurements for stress monitoring.

Redmi Watch Verdict

While the Redmi Watch is a good fitness watch, it doesn’t do anything more than you would expect. Although Xiaomi has made it lightweight, I would prefer a heavier Redmi Watch that had better battery life.

The Xiaomi Redmi Watch still provides excellent tracking of steps. If you are primarily motivated to log your daily steps, it will work well.

Xiaomi has the potential to improve the Redmi Watch. SpO2 tracking would make a great start.

The Amazfit Bip U Pro, which tracks the usual and SpO2, is a good alternative to the Redmi Watch.

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