Best Review of the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones PRO: A very affordable ANC

Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones PRO: This wireless headset is the best you can find for less than Rs. Is this the best wireless headset under Rs.

The success of Xiaomi in India is huge. One major factor to this success is pricing. The company’s brands offer a wide range of products that are competitive and provide features at affordable prices.

The company has been somewhat quiet lately in the audio segment, while rivals such as Boat and Realme have made significant strides. However, the new Mi products bring the value for money brand back to the forefront.

Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones PRO
Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones PRO

Recently, the company launched the Mi Portable Bluetooth Speaker (16W), and Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro (Rs. 2,499 and Rs. 1,799 and 2,499 respectively.

The latter is the best-selling wireless headset in India that features active noise cancellation. This looks like a great pair of wireless headphones. But how effective are the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro? Check out my review.

The Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro offers all the features you need at a reasonable price

The Pro model is the successor to the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones, which was launched in late 2019. It has minor design changes but keeps the same basic form factor and styling.

The earpieces are more attractive and feature a unique pattern on the outside. These can be connected magnetically to each other when they are not being used. However, it doesn’t control power like the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z. The texture of the neckband is different from the non-Pro model’s smooth finish.

The Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro looks simple and functional despite all this. The headset weighs only 36g and is flexible enough to be worn in any direction you want. It is comfortable and has a good noise isolation seal that aids active noise cancellation.

The right side of your neckband has a few buttons, while the left side is blank save for the Mi logo. The multi-function button controls power and playback as well as the ability to end or answer calls.

There’s also an adjustment rocker that can control the volume. The button on the inside controls active noise cancellation and the Micro-USB charging port at the bottom. Three pairs of eartips and a Micro USB cable are included in the package.

The Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro has an IPX5 rating for water resistance and active noise cancellation. These earphones feature 10mm dynamic drivers and Bluetooth 5 connectivity.

They also support the AAC and SBC codecs. The Micro-USB charging port is the only problem in the specs. Even at this low price, it’s hard to believe that this old standard was used. It should have been a USB Type C port.

The battery life of the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro was impressive. With active noise cancellation on and the AAC codec activated, I was able to listen for around 15 hours. It doesn’t take long to charge the 150mAh battery.

The Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro has a bass-heavy sound

The sonic signatures of Xiaomi’s entry-level products have appealed to large audiences in India, and the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro is no exception. The sound is similar to the non-Pro version, but with a stronger emphasis on the bass.

This can sometimes be distracting from the highs and mids. Although there is still enough sound to be heard across the frequency range, the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro has a strong bias towards the lows.

This creates a loud and aggressive tone. It didn’t distract from the highs or vocals too often. The deep beat of Justin Timberlake’s Take Back The Night was pleasant and didn’t cause fatigue at low volumes. Timberlake’s uplifting vocals and distinct trumpet sounds that set the mood were easy to understand and follow.

The Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro produced a loud and punchy sound, which was enjoyable with certain tracks and genres. The sound was loud, clear and fairly clean.

Even in the most intense tracks, the bass was not unpleasant or muddy. The price is about right, but I have also heard better headsets for less than Rs. 2,000 for the OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z.

The earphones’ price meant that the punchy bass was a little less prominent in terms of tightness and definition. The Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro’s Earth, Wind and Fire’s “Let’s Groove” often sounded too plain and unfocused.

There was very little detail or depth in the lows and a narrow soundstage. The track’s mood-setting disco beats felt a little dull. This is due to the tuning of the headphones. The tuning of this headset is basic at best. It is an entry-level headset. The headset produces a pleasant sound, but it’s not very good.

It is amazing that we can get active sound cancellation with wireless headphones that cost only Rs. The ANC is quite good considering the price at 1,799 Xiaomi claims that there is a 25dB reduction in noise from certain types of noise, such as airplane engines, hair dryers and vacuum cleaners.

The Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro showed a significant drop in noise levels, which is roughly comparable to other options under Rs. Realme Buds Wireless Pro can offer a similar service at Rs. 5,000

Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones PRO
Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones PRO

Although noise reduction was not significant in most urban environments, it made listening to music and understanding the dialogue in videos much easier. The performance on calls was good enough.

Although my voice was clear, the other person on the other side of the call could sometimes sound a little rough and boomy, but it didn’t affect our ability to have a brief conversation.


Xiaomi’s Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro is a remarkable product, with a functional and useful active noise cancellation that costs less than Rs. 2,000. This headset is a defining feature. However, the earphones are also very good in terms of design, build quality and battery life.

The sound quality is not exceptional but it’s still acceptable given the price and features of the Mi Neckband Bluetooth Earphones Pro. Active noise cancellation is available for as low as Rs 2000.

This headset is for you if you are looking for active noise cancellation for less than Rs. 2,000 and are happy to compromise on overall performance.

If sound quality is more important than all else and you are willing to sacrifice performance, Oppo Enco M31 or OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z might be worth your consideration.

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