Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review: The cost is reduced, but can you still receive a flagship-level encounter?

Since the costs of flagship mobiles have skyrocketed over Rs. 1,00,000 within the last couple of decades, the”flagship killer” section at approximately Rs. 40,000 to 50,000 is becoming increasingly more significant.

As opposed to let rivals like OnePlus and Xiaomi eat its lunch, the Korean giant has chosen to fight back using a watered-down variant of this Galaxy S20.

Samsung has dabbled with various approaches to market cheaper models of its flagship mobiles without cannibalising sales.

This past year, we had the smaller Galaxy S10e which was a hit in precisely the exact same strand as the”miniature” versions of some old versions.

The provider also afterwards introduced the Galaxy S10 Lite INR 49,990 that was a somewhat perplexing but still adequate mid-range alternative.

We have also seen top A-series versions trying to serve the identical sector. Keep reading to learn. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review
Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review

But when this version went on the market, a 256GB version priced at Rs. 53,999 also seemed. Oddly, it is sold only in one color, Cloud Navy, in place of the entire variety.

The apparent goal is that the OnePlus 8T, which can be priced beginning at Rs. 42,999.

Other probable competitors will be the newest Xiaomi Mi 10T Guru 5G, gaming telephones like the Asus ROG Phone 3 (Inspection ), as well as the iPhone 11. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

But what gets the Galaxy S20 FE stand out for all of the wrong reasons is the simple fact that the more superior Galaxy S20 INR 49,850 and Galaxy S20+INR 49,999 currently sell for less than their official release rates.

Actually, Samsung is now ignoring the wonderful Galaxy S20+ to precisely Rs. 49,999 on its own site, and it’s been accessible for this substantially during ongoing online joyous sales.

This really is tough to comprehend, as it undercuts the new Galaxy S20 FE as well as the Galaxy S20.

In an attempt to reconcile its own range, Samsung has only recently announced cost cuts to Rs. 44,999 and Rs. 48,999 (and bank supplies ) for its 128GB and 256GB versions. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

This can annoy early adopters, coming less than fourteen days following the Galaxy S20 FE first went on the market.

It has the exact same basic proportions but is bigger than the Galaxy S20 as a result of its 6.5-inch display. You do not acquire curved borders on the display, which in my view is really a fantastic thing.

The framework is metallic and polished, while the back panel is made from a matte polycarbonate. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

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The 128GB edition of the phone is available in five colors, which range from the daring Cloud Red and Cloud Navy into the considerably milder pastel Cloud Mint and Cloud Lavender, and a neutral Cloud White.

The curved sides of the back panel create the Galaxy S20 FE very easy to grip, and also the non-slip feel is much valued.

You also don’t need to be concerned whatsoever about fingerprints, however, gentle smudges can be viewed after usage. You do not receive any sort of situation from the box on this telephone.

Contributing to the superior texture, the display boundaries are rather slim. The earpiece is so narrow that it could hardly even be viewed.

Front camera is inserted directly in the middle of the shirt it is fairly small but remains somewhat distracting not only due to its own position but also because there’s an extremely reflective silver ring round it.

Samsung will send this phone using a display protector pre-applied, and also the one in my review unit has been slightly misaligned.

The volume and power buttons are on the left, and therefore are within easy reach. Samsung has dropped its own committed Bixby button and that I do not miss it whatsoever.

There is a USB Type-C port on the floor without a 3.5millimeter audio socket. The arrow on the top can accommodate both Nano-SIMs or a single Nano-SIM along with a microSD card. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

It is rated IP68 for dust and water resistance, therefore it needs to have the ability to resist exposure to the components.

Despite being not precisely flagship-level, building quality is exceptional and there is no doubt that this seems like a superior phone.

The Galaxy S20 FE understands exactly the exact same top-tier Exynos 990 chip as its allies from the S20 household.

There is 8GB of RAM and 128GB or 256GB of storage, also support for around a 1TB microSD card working with the hybrid slotmachine.

You simply receive a 15W adapter in the box, even though this telephone can benefit from around 25W chargers.

There is no official mention of HDR however, it will appear to be supported.

There’s also an always-on mode that is disabled by default. 1 nice surprise is that a 120Hz refresh speed, though there does not appear to be some way to allow this it is either 60Hz or 120Hz all the time.

A workaround is to empower Adaptive Power Saving, which will toggle the refresh speed along with a lot of different settings according to your use patterns. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Talking of electricity saving, Samsung lets you select between four performance levels. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

The Medium and Maximum modes restrict CPU functionality to 70 per cent and lower the maximum display brightness by 10 percent.

The utmost mode also down you to just a few programs and compels dark manner. Background information is limited and the always-on screen and all biometrics will also be disabled.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review
Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review

These are only a couple of the large number of qualities you’ll discover during Samsung’s One UI 2.5, which operates along with Android 10.

My device received an upgrade to the October Android safety patch throughout the inspection period, which had been great to see.

The Bixby button may be gone however, the helper may nevertheless be called up with the button. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

There are several shortcut gestures, a Game Launcher using optimisations, UI topics, a Double Messenger feature to using two account with specific programs, a screen recorder, expandable notification pockets, and a great deal of alternatives for home display customisation.

Edge Panels offer you rapid access to different shortcuts and miniature apps using a swipe from edge of the display, and you’ll be able to download a lot more free and free panels in your Galaxy Store.

On the downside, you will find numerous Samsung apps preloaded, such as a moot Web browser along with tie-in programs for the organization’s AR, wearables, and IoT solutions. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Samsung Health and Samsung Pay would be possibly helpful, but on the flip side, the My Galaxy program spawned annoying notifications several times every day. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

As anticipated, there is no lag at all when swiping via the 1 UI interface and if multitasking between programs.

The Galaxy S20 FE felt snappy, as a result of this high-speed panel in addition to the competent SoC and great deal of RAM.

The in-display fingerprint detector and face recognition are not as fast as I’d have liked, however that should not be much of a problem. This is the sort of phone that you would be happy to use for regular programs and tasks.

The display is crisp and lively. Aside from the distracting camera pit, games and videos look great.

The encounter is assisted by this mobile’s stereo speakers, which feel very well balanced. Audio is somewhat lean and lacking in bass, but that is to be expected.

Coming to standard evaluations, AnTuTu reported that a score of 4,62,330, also Geekbench’s only and multi-core outcomes were 517 and 2,573 respectively. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

3DMark’s Slingshot Extreme images test handled 6,649, whilst GFXBench’s Manhattan 3.1 and Automobile Chase scenes conducted 55fps and 33fps respectively.

On the other hand, the top back of the Galaxy S20 FE did get very warm after only five minutes or so of drama. This became marginally uncomfortable over more gaming sessions.

Battery life was not especially striking. I managed to find a complete day’s use from a fee, but I would not expect more than that.

Together with the bundled charger, I managed to get around 17 per cent in 15 minutes and 61 per cent in one hour. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Considering how profoundly Samsung emphasised camera caliber as the defining characteristic of this Galaxy S20 household, it is going to be intriguing to understand how this lower-priced version fits in.

The Galaxy S20 FE includes a scaled-down pair of cameras, beginning with a 12-megapixel f/1.8 main camera using OIS.

Unsurprisingly, the camera program is packed with options and features. Modes include Samsung’s Single Require essay instrument, pro style, food style, night mode, dwell attention for stills and video, slow movement and super slow movement, and hyperlapse.

It is possible to download extra filters or create your own depending on the color profile of any photograph, in the event the default option gets dull.

The Scene Optimiser attribute is on by default and will exhibit a shortcut to empower Night Mode immediately if it believes it is needed.

The Galaxy S20 FE locked concentrate promptly and invisibly scenes fairly well throughout the day. Detail on items at a distance was also fairly excellent. Close-up shots were exceptional, with minute particulars replicated nicely and a very nice all-natural depth of field.

Actually, close-ups shot in the default option Photo mode were frequently easier than when using the Live Focus manner, which takes one to stand back a ways from your topic. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Should you use this mode, however, you are able to reorder shots, then fix the blur intensity and kind, and eliminate all color but for the thing in focus. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

The front-facing camera will not pose substantial quality and sharpness isn’t bad if you are just checking your shots onto the telephone’s screen. Colours are not radically different due to the re-framing.

The 3X optical megapixel camera also captures exceptional detail, and shots hold up when viewed completely magnified on a huge screen.

The three cameras which Samsung has selected are genuinely useful without being gimmicky, and can all come in handy frequently.

Things get a bit less satisfactory during the nighttime attention was occasionally inaccurate but tapping on the display manually is going to end in a fast lock. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

The Scene Optimiser can induce a slow aperture by default, however that is not exactly the same as Night Mode, and outcomes did fluctuate slightly.

Low-light shots were somewhat grainy and colors were sometimes off based on the sort of light around.

Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review
Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review

The wide-angle and telephoto cameras do endure thanks to their thinner apertures but shots remain useable. Employing Night Mode did typically lead to better color reproduction and marginally improved detail.

The leading camera carries 8-megapixel binned shots . A wide-angle mode basically reverse-crops the framework, but the difference is extremely slight. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Selfies came out looking clear with great detail and vulnerability, but beautification is switched on by default and it requires a few taps to disable it. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Night mode functions here too, and will definitely help whenever there is not enough light falling on your face.

As for video, the Galaxy S20 FE managed to catch smooth 1080p footage together with 3 cameras at the daytime. Whether standing, panning walking, video seemed good and there wasn’t any jerkiness.

At 4K, movement was somewhat simpler particularly with the telephoto camera. Low-light video taken with the principal camera was great enough, but quality endured with the telephoto and wide-angle cameras.

There was noticeable judder in 4K when moving while documenting, and stabilisation artefacts were also a problem at 1080p.

Slow-motion movie came out looking fantastic. In super-slow-mo manner, video is recorded at 720p.

The start and end of all clips play back at normal speed, and you’ll be able to correct the things between which footage is slowed down. You may even undo and fold it for imaginative effect.


Samsung utilized the”Fan Edition” suffix as it attempted selling refurbished Galaxy Note 7 components in South Korea using smaller, safer batteries.

The move may have assisted Samsung recover a few of the losses it suffered after the devastating and awkward international launching (and following worldwide bans) of this Galaxy Notice 7, but that was not likely to become a mass-market mobile phone. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

“Fan edtion” essentially acknowledged that only people that are fervently devoted to the Samsung manufacturer would really purchase it.

That is why it is somewhat surprising to find a brand-new model launch in numerous nations with the identical branding which also one aimed at a far more mainstream audience than its allies. You do not need to be a lover of this brand to enjoy this phone.

What Samsung gets right though is that the balance of price and features. You do not receive the whole flagship encounter, but if folks are pleased with so-called flagship killers, you finally have a fairly excellent option inside the Samsung lineup. (Best Samsung Galaxy S20 FE Review)

Prices is an inevitable issue, however. Individuals that pre-ordered or purchased the Galaxy S20 FE early are likely to be justifiably mad due to their fast reduced cost and 256GB storage choice.

The larger problem is Samsung currently selling the much superior Galaxy S20+ in the exact identical cost the Galaxy S20 FE found at.

However great this new phone looks and how far it becomes appropriate, Samsung itself supplies more powerful rivalry provided that prices remain where they now are.


  • Sounds and feels premium
  • Versatile and competent cameras
  • A Great Deal of software features


  • Becomes warm when stressed
  • Comparatively slow charging

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