BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW: It’s an 8K TV, which makes it future proof.

1080p and greater resolution content appears good with this TV. 720p and reduced material does seem grainy.

The audio output from the TV is strong and you may use the TV for a centre speaker inside your house theatre setup. It runs on Android TV and includes a sleek UI. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)


The TV performs quite well for downloading articles from physical media such as Blu-rays and for gambling. But for streaming, the bit-rate and flow quality may affect playback.

After the grade of the flow is great, the material appears immersive on this TV.

Over the last week, I have been spending a great deal of time using an 8K TV. This is not the first 8K TV I have experienced but that is actually the very first one I have in my home to experience it like a customer could.

All of us know there isn’t any 8K content commercially accessible and also the handful of articles on YouTube is significantly compacted. Contemporary flagship smartphones can take video in 8K, so that is something to notice also. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

I feel like we’re back in the poultry and egg situation we find ourselves in the cusp of each new generation of TV technology.

When 4K became mainstream, we all believed if 4K content could be abundant. While 4K articles isn’t quite as widespread as state FHD content, you would be hard-pressed to discern the difference between 4K and 1080p articles (of excellent quality) onto a 55-inch 4K TV.

I have fooled a great deal of people into believing they were seeing 4K content when actually it was a really good 1080p supply.

Might it be possible to feel exactly the exact same in an 8K TV? How can 720p, 1080p, 4K and maybe even SD content seem on this TV? Well, those are the questions we’ll reply within this particular review.

It’s a complete array backlighting with neighborhood dimming zones and also we do not know the specific amount of dimming zones nor the peak brightness of the TV. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

But, we can affirm this TV becomes quite bright and is the cleverest TV we have seen. Because this is an 8K TV, it’ll be intriguing to learn how it manages lower content.

We sat at roughly 11 to 15 feet away from your TV to absorb articles and while this remains fairly close, it’s a fantastic step to find out how great low-resolution content appears with this TV. Let us enter a content functionality.

While we do not have access to some 8K content that is commercially accessible, Sony did talk about a PC that’s some 8K clips onto it.

The very first thing you’ll see is the way bright, rich and comprehensive these clips are. The PC which has been shared with us had a DisplayPort 1.4 which affirms 8K along with HDR 10. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

There has been a converter used to link it to the TVs HDMI 4 interface that’s the 8K port with this TV. Yes, the TV includes one port that can utilize an 8K outside origin, which can be a bummer.

With a cost of almost 15L, an individual would expect to obtain all 4 or 4 2 interfaces with 8K support.

Coming into the material itself, it seems nothing short of the demos you see if you walk into a shop to buy a new TV.

Deep colors, vivid highlights, and a general rich and vibrant picture is exactly what we watched. Obviously, this 8K demonstration content is the standard for what material has the capability to look like with this TV.

There’s a plethora of 4K and HDR articles available on the internet and we’ve got some articles offline too, that won’t be restricted by streaming solutions bandwidth constraints. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

The catch is that the caliber should not drop. When playing with content on Netflix, an individual will press the information button (in the bottom right) to find the standard of the flow.

Even if the quality, for a few moments, dropped into 1440p as well as 1080p before choosing back, it was not noticeable. But once the content quality falls below 1080p, it will become observable. To be honest, this is something that you’d find on a luxury 4K TV also.


Sony asserts it has a database along with the more information you perform; the database will enhance and your upscaling encounter is going to be better. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

If you see articles in 1080p or even 4K around the TV now and see the exact same content per year from now, the upscaling will likely be much better, just how something like this can work in fact is something only time will tell.

Being a VA panel, an individual can anticipate heavy blacks out of the TV but a special mention has to be created to the brightness.

In a series like our PlanetEarth, Season 1 Episode 1 in which we’ve got numerous glowing highlights, it could acquire retina-burning glowing and that is not a terrible thing.

Magic Woman on Blu-ray is 1 film that spans the 1000 nits peak brightness at the last battle sequence and you require a TV such as the Z8H to correctly enjoy the HDR mastering. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

On the flip side, though it includes a VA panel, the elephants can not get as inky black because we’ve observed within an OLED. On the flip side, an OLED can’t create such vivid highlights.

Even YouTube’s compression appeared good with this TV, be it film trailers, gaming movies or our own Digit videos taken in 1080p. Let us move on and find out how other 1080p and reduced content done.

We played with a Great Deal of FHD content in the TV such as Spider-Man: Homecoming, Young Sheldon, Mission:Impossible and much more.

Now, newer displays such as Young Sheldon and Big Bang Theory as well as an old series like Friends, are in SDR and FHD on streaming solutions.

The matter is, sitting in a distance you would be hard-pressed to predict the attribute of the air poor. Immediately switching the origin from the 8K demonstration content to the FHD content and you will immediately notice the stark gap, but that is not the ideal comparison to draw.

It’s to let you know that on this a huge display, the smallest drop in quality beneath the minimum standard will be evident. In the event the 1080p quality drops into 720p or reduced because your internet link, then you will find a fuzzy image on the monitor. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

I tried this. Shows such as The Blacklist on Netflix, or David Letterman appeared pretty good in their 4K and 1080p avatars (these displays have been in SDR) whether performed in the built-in program or my outside 1080p supply.

Obviously, the more secure your online connection, the greater your quality of output in FHD. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

The PS4 Guru and Xbox One X might be advertised as 4K consoles, however they utilize upscaling trickery to keep resolution.

Upscaling trickery needs to be the key word here since sitting 15 feet away from the TV, I had been not able to locate flaws in its functionality.

Sure, considers in certain games appear low resolution, but that is how they appear on a 4K TV too. I played with a great deal of games with this TV.

The games on this listing boast of a few notable visual fidelity and it reveals. In the bright sunlight in Assassin’s Creed into the particulars in the cars in Forza as well as the sublime HDR functionality in a match such as Spide-Man, this is 1 TV to enjoy games on, especially next-generation matches.

One can say the only downside to this TV is that 120Hz is just accessible HDMI jack 4, according to Sony’s web site. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

That is a significant downer, when you think about how the Sony X90H includes two HDMI 2.1 enabled vents and TVs from LG, such as the C9 we analyzed, has four HDMI 2.1 allowed interfaces.

If linking multiple 8K empowered external resources is something you need from this TV, then you’re confined to one interface.

The Sony Z8H brings it 60W of audio output. The TV includes two midsize drivers, two subwoofers and 2 tweeters. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

With framework tweeters, you can listen to the audio precisely from where it’s intended to be discovered on the display in place of the generic audio from beneath the TV. It is also possible to use the TV as the center speaker in your house theatre setup.

The speakers with this TV may get fairly loud and package in adequate bass, believing they’re TV speakers. The TV does not have the deepest bass but its existence is felt.

About the Sony Z8H, we receive exactly the Exact Same UI we saw about the Sony X90H (inspection ).

The TV runs on Android TV from the box with support for most popular streaming solutions. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

For fundamental setting modifications such as image style, sound, origin and much more, a little strip comes up in the bottom of the screen and it’s not difficult to navigate.

You are able to add specific settings you want to change to the bar in the base which makes it simpler for you to alter your frequently used settings.

As well as this, we now have a heavier and much more in depth side navigation UI.

Thus, when you input the movement settings, as an instance, you receive a little description describing what the setting does and the impact it’s going to have on the image. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

This provides a layer of justification to every setting, which makes it much easier for people to browse and understand the preferences they’re changing.

The TV has built in mics so that you are able to control the TV with no remote controller simply by using your own voice. The feature works really well and also to requesting Google to look at the weather and start Netflix, you could even alter the origin and a few settings with your voice.

Total, the Android TV UI is exactly the same we have known for many years and the advancements in picture navigation and setting is a welcome shift.

The remote controller is exactly the same as that which we saw with all the X90H and that is a fantastic thing as we actually liked that distant.

While we’ve noticed a great deal of TV manufacturers opt for a more minimalistic approach, this can be a full-sized remote controller with rubbery and clicky keys along with a textured back adding to the traction.

Should you grip the distant at the middle, you’ll have access to the majority of the functions at the range of your thumb. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)


Contrary to the LG TV UI, Sony’s TV remote still does not have a mouse attribute and typing remains manually browsing the onscreen keyboard, however you may use the Android TV program in your smartphone to generate the typing process simpler.

Since passwords for programs such as Netflix, and more could be saved on your Google log-in, logging in to the TV once guarantees other providers are logged into also. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

This TV controls attention as it’s in the space, as a result of its dimensions. If you’re considering having an 85-inch TV, then be aware you will have to generate some severe area for it on your entertainment installation.

The TV is a bit thick, but that is not a bad thing considering that is a complete array backlit LED TV with dimming zones also may create some critical brightness. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

The TV’s framework has a rather industrial chic layout with sharp corners. There aren’t any bezels surrounding the screen.

The edge which surrounds the TV includes a brushed aluminum finish, again adding to its superior design.

This TV weighs greater than 60Kgs so that you might choose to look at the strength of your desk if you intend on placing this onto a tabletop. You’ll have two distinct places for the toes of this TV.

There’s a narrow place that we’ve used and you could also place the toes in a broad position. We’ve seen these multi-feet places on lots of TVs and it’s nice especially for the ones which have a smaller TV cabinet.

So far as connectivity choices are involved, we’ve got a movie in, headset jack, two USB ports and a single HDMI port facing the other side.

Slimming down, we’ve got yet another USB port, both HDMI ports, optical jack and LAN port. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

The 8K empowered HDMI interface (port 4) along with also the connector to use the TV as a speaker are somewhat farther away in this exact same line.

Its almost like various hardware was required within the TV and therefore these two connectivity choices are somewhat further apart from the rest of the These vents can be concealed behind panels that have a textured finish, providing the TV very the smooth appearance, perfect for people obsessed with cable control.

Together with the shortage of commercially accessible 8K content, it’s difficult for us to let you know exactly what the future of articles ingestion appears like with this TV. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

What we can tell you is that articles available now seems fantastic, particularly HDR content. The TV has the potential to get very bright, which makes HDR content popup. In case you’ve got an assortment of blu-rays then you are going to enjoy them in fantastic fidelity with this TV.

Streaming content looks great with this TV, given the resolution does not fall below 1080p. Do not even consider using this TV to absorb broadcast content that in India, is not even 720p for a great deal of channels. It simply looks bad. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)

Overall, if you’re a first-mover or a primary adopter of an 8K TV then realize which you’re becoming one of the greatest TVs money can purchase. It’s great image output, excellent sound and a sleek UI. The one issue is that we just have 1 HDMI interface that’s 8K competent and that is a bummer.

With how things are progressing, it appears like broadcast and consumer level 8K content remains years off.

If you would like to be among the early adopters of 8K, then this is a fantastic place as any to get started. (BEST SONY 85 INCHES 8K FULL ARRAY LED SMART TV (KD-85Z8H) REVIEW)


  • Smooth and eloquent UI


  • Just One 8K competent HDMI interface


  • Panel Size: 85-inch
  • Panel Type: VA, Full-array LED backlighting
  • Panel Resolution: 7680 x 4320 – 8K
  • Panel Refresh Rate: 120Hz (via HDMI 4 only)
  • HDR 10 support: Yes
  • Dolby Vision Support: Yes
  • Weight (with stand): 67.8kgs
  • HDMI Ports: 4
  • USB Ports: 3
  • Bluetooth: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Ethernet: Yes
  • Speakers: 60W (12.5 W + 12.5 W + 12.5 W + 12.5 W + 5 W + 5 W – Mid Range x2, Subwoofer x2, Tweeter x2)
  • Built-in storage: 16GB

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